How can therapy help me?

We often get queries about therapy but people are often unsure if it’s really for them.

The simple answer is: It’s for anyone who wants it.

Anyone who is struggling to see a way through, feeling lost, anxious, depressed, down, worried, finding it difficult to manage their mood. Anyone who may have gone through a big life change like bereavement, divorce, redundancy, loss. Anyone who wants someone to talk to about the things that they are finding difficult, and would like to work on it to begin to feel a little better.

At MGM, we have therapists who work in different ways. Mainly CBT or integrative-relational counselling. But what does that mean? Over to our therapists…

CBT (Congitive Behavioural Therapy)

CBT is a structured and practical approach which focuses on present day issues, aiming to break down overwhelming problems into manageable chunks. As CBT therapists, we will help you to identify your specific difficulties, and recognise and understand negative thought-patterns, intrusive thoughts, and behaviours. By doing this, you can start to make links between how your thoughts and behaviours impact your emotions, and begin to challenge and reshape them.
Integrative-relational counselling
As integrative-relational therapists, we draw on a range of different therapeutic approaches which we can uniquely tailor to each client’s needs. We believe that the relationship between the client and counsellor is a vital part of therapy.
Whether it’s looking at the present day issues, or perhaps working through a past traumatic event, we will be by your side, offering a compassionate and non-judgemental space, to help you process your thoughts and emotions.
But which is best for you?
If you’re interested in therapy but you’re not sure which might be best for you, then simply get in touch with us – We’re a friendly bunch!
Sounding good? But worried about waiting lists or finances?
Well, with our many different MGM therapists, as well as our Low Cost Counselling Service (with limited free spaces available) there’s no need to worry.
We look forward to starting your therapy journey with you…