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MGM associate expert Bianca Clarke brings you this 21 day course which enables you to ‘Master your Mind‘ when it comes to weight loss.

If you’ve struggled with serial dieting, find your weight constantly yo-yo’s or you simply cannot stick to a plan, then this is the course for you.

It looks to build a WINNING MINDSET when it comes to losing weight, meaning you can remove the frustration for good.

 It’s all about being healthy, comfortable in your own skin and losing weight in a safe effective way.

An excellent course covering a really difficult topic. The discussions were appropriate and kept on track by Debbie, always bringing it back to youngsters. A perfect mix of actual exercises, learning via powerpoint and through interactive discussion.Everyone should do this course, regardless of their interaction with youngsters.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course, September 2023

I loved this course. Debbie was absolutely fantastic and I really feel I learned a lot. I’d like to go into working more directly with young people regarding their mental health and this was a great window into doing so. I also feel much more confident and prepared to be able to help the young people I already work with, as I can now combine my personal and professional experience with what I learned on the course.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course, September 2023

It provided a great opportunity to upskill in mental health first aid. Debbie competently led us through the manual and provided lots of opportunities for discussion.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course, September 2023

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