Low Cost Counselling Services


We understand that therapy may be difficult for some people to access. With so much going on in life at the moment, we have mature students from accredited CBT and Counselling degree courses who are able to offer you short or longer term therapy, at a reduced cost… If you are interested in this service please get in touch.

Integrative Relational Counselling

Available Face-to-Face in Ewell

  • Integrative Relational Counselling is a talking therapy which draws on a number of different therapeutic styles – including person-centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, and existential. This means the therapist is able to work uniquely with each individual, in the way that’s best for them.
  • Being relational, the therapeutic relationship is an essential ingredient in the work that is done together. Your therapist will help you to understand the deeper reasons and motives behind some of the difficulties in life. 
  • Through talking about your thoughts and feelings in a safe space, you can begin to find a greater insight and awareness, giving you the tools to empower you to make the changes that you want in your life.
  • This form of therapy can be either long-term or short-term.  At MGM, we offer up to 20 sessions. For over 18s.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT is aimed at reducing distress by looking at unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours which have a negative effect on how we feel. It is a collaborative form of therapy, involving working together and guided discovery. 
  • Your therapist will help you to identify unhelpful beliefs, challenge them, and carry out behaviour which is consistent with more healthy thinking patterns. This will hopefully lead to less distress, more balance and greater enjoyment of life. 
  • It is usually a brief form of treatment and 1-6 sessions are offered initially, followed by review and more sessions if needed. It is less usual to have more than 20 sessions, but everyone is treated as an individual. You will be asked to carry out tasks between sessions in order to practice what you have learned.  For over 16s.


Our Service

Available Face-to-Face in Ewell

  • We believe that therapy should be affordable for everyone who needs it, particularly in these challenging times. We offer a free initial consultation for everyone. If you have the means then we ask for £10 per session, to be discussed and agreed with you.
  • Sessions are weekly, and held in our cosy office in Ewell (secure online video counselling can also be offered for CBT). The therapists are all degree and diploma students from accredited courses.
  • In order to meet the course conditions, and for supervision purposes, we ask for sessions to be anonymously recorded.
  • Cancellation policy for sessions is 100% if less than 24 hours’ notice of non-attendance is given, subject to discretion regarding circumstances, and 50% if less than 48 hours’ notice is given. You will also lose a session of your agreed maximum number of therapy sessions. Regular attendance is vital to therapy therefore if more than two sessions are missed or deferred without prior agreement and good reason, you may be discharged from the service until it is a better time for you to commit to therapy.
  • We are unable to take referrals from people who are in severe crisis or not able to keep themselves safe, or pose a risk of harm to themselves or others. We also can’t see people who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis.
  • We work with a local charity, Work Stress Solutions, who can offer discounted sessions to people living in Surrey and struggling with their mental health. This could be free subject to funding, otherwise reduced price of £5 per session. Spaces are limited, and this service is subject to Grant-funding and Student availability.
  • If you or anyone else you know may benefit from this service, or if you have any questions, then please do get in touch. There’s a contact form at the bottom of each page!

We look forward to starting this journey with you…


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