Welcome to SCT reflexology, run by Sarah Taylor

Are you feeling worn out and weighed down with life’s daily stresses?

Sarah helps you reconnect with yourself and feel empowered to support your wellbeing. 

As a working mum Sarah knows what it is like to burn out from the pressure we put upon ourselves.  It is time we shed the guilt and prioritise our needs.  It is her mission to help you put on that oxygen mask first, using reflexology to pause and replenish; release tension and negative energy; and revive both body and mind. 

Gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes on your feet, face, or hands and induces a deep state of relaxation.  It is believed, that through nerve stimulation, impulses are sent back through the body, encouraging all your organs and glands to function better and work together in balance. 

Reflexology can aid sleep, improve your mood and increase your overall wellbeing.  Trained in a range of techniques, treatments are tailored to your individual needs.   

Sessions can be carried out in the comfort of your own home (within a 20min drive from Wallington, SM6), from the gorgeous location of Beyond Beauty in Wallington, or via online guided sessions.

It’s more important than ever that we create our own personal tool kits of techniques we can draw upon whenever we need them.  Sarah is passionate about helping you add reflexology as one of your tools.

Benefits of Self-treatment Reflexology:

* It can be done anywhere, at anytime

* It is a Form of Mindfulness

* It focuses Your Breathing

* It is Simple Yet Effective

* Physical touch can make you feel happier & less stressed

* It can be used on the whole family